Due to the ongoing COVID-19 public health crisis the following rules and restrictions are in effect until further notice:

1. Only 1 person per practitioner is allowed in the store at a time. This means you cannot bring your friend, support friend, or parent with you. For underage persons your parent will be allowed to come and fill out the paperwork but must leave the building after that.

2. In light of Item #1, No persons under the age of 14 will be allowed ear piercings.

3. All clients must make an appointment by Phone at 414-607-4068, walk ins are not allowed. This includes jewelry sales, consultations, insertions, and of course piercings.

4. Due to the drastic increase in Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) costs we unfortunately must institute a temporary PPE surcharge of $5.00 to each procedure. This will be a separate item on your receipt and will go away as PPE costs return to normal levels.

5. All Clients must wear a mask or cloth face covering to the extent feasible while inside our facility.

6. Any person showing signs of a COVID-19 infection using CDC guidance cannot and will not be allowed entry into the building

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