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Avant-Garde is dedicated to your health and saftey, thats why we use only the cutting edge
Sterilization Equipment and Biological Monitoring
Picture of a MidMark M9 Ultraclave Sterilizer
MidMark company logo

We use a fully automatic M9 Ultraclave (sterilizer) by MidMark for all of our instrument reprocessing needs and jewelry sterilization.

It features a fully automatic sterilization cycle as well as a printed record of each batch to ensure the highest standards of record keeping and accountability.


Biological Monitoring

Avant-Garde Contracts with Crosstex for all of our required biological monitoring.  What is Biological Monitoring? It is the only 100% way to ensure that the sterilizer is working to kill all organisms during a sterilization cycle.  Biological monitoring works by placing a bacterial spore in the autoclave and running a cycle, then those samples are sent off to a labratory where they attempt to get the spores to grow.  If the spores grow it is a failure.

We keep a record of all of our spore tests and are happy to provide them to you upon request.  For reference we have provided the results of our May 2015 test.  Simply click the link: May 2015 Avant-Garde Biological Monitoring Results

Crosstex Biological monitoring logo
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